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Nationwide Chef Shortage.

It will come as no surprise to any employer in our industry to know that there is a major shortage of chefs in the UK. So bad is this shortage that it could cause the closure of your local restaurant or takeaway.

Recent surveys carried out estimate that 47% of all jobs advertised remain unfilled with many having no applicants at all. This figure does not include London where the figure is likely to be over 60%.

Nearly half the chefs working in the UK are foreign nationals with a lot of those coming from the EU. The situation will not ease in the near future unless it is made easier for employers to recruit chefs from the sub-continent and other parts of the globe.

If you do have British Citizenship now is the time to train to be a chef, you will never be out of work and your career opportunities are endless.

The service sector in the UK is one of the biggest employers and it is vitally important to the economy of the country. If the chef shortage continues it will be detrimental to the economic recovery that our industry has made in recent years.

Healthcare Sector

I am sure we have all seen on the news and read in the papers about the increasing demand to look after an ever ageing population. This situation means there is a need for more carers, more nurses and more managers.

It is not hard to see that the strain on these services cannot carry on indefinitely, healthcare providers need access to fast track training for carers in nursing homes and other healthcare units to help stop the slide. After all it was done for the teaching profession.


Taking into account the above we can see that both the sectors we work in are short of qualified staff to fill these vacancies. Full Circle Jobs only recruit for these sectors. Our intention is to make Full Circle Jobs the “go to” site when employers need to fill their permanent position in Hospitality and Healthcare.

In the meantime if you are short of chefs, general assistants, nurses, carers, senior carers and learning difficulties carers please do not hesitate to call either Full Circle Catering or Full Circle Care Agency.

Please visit our new site at  www.fullcirclejobs.co.uk