News Updates

News Updates

Today on Twitter and Facebook

 From the Full Circle Catering Agency Facebook page today we have the below.
So The Great British Bake Off starts tonight, so what song can you come up with thats baking related !
Our is “I Want To Bake Free ”
Over to guys!
We have also had “Every Bread You Bake”
and “Don’t You Bake My Brown Cobs Blue”
Keep on checking every day for regular updates.

Full Circle Finally Arrive on Social Media

After 15 years in business we have taken the step of opening a Twitter account and a Facebook account. At long last you can either poke us or tweet us!

Find us on Twitter at @FullOcatering and on Facebook it is Full Circle Catering Agency.

Please have a look at Twitter or Facebook, here you will find two very active forums full of useful (and not so useful) facts!!!

If you have any interesting stories about food or any recipes please send them and we will be put them on Facebook alongside your name if you wish.

New Face – Old Habits

In February we took on a new consultant in the office, continuing our trend of new face – old habits.  The gentleman’s name is Russ Talbot and he has extensive knowledge of the catering and caring sectors.

I am sure that during the course of the next few months you will be having deep meaningful conversations with Russ, you will find him a very pleasant and knowledgeable gentleman.

Russ was also in the catering trade before moving into the care sector. We have managed to coax him out of being a hands on carer to bring him into the office to be a consultant in the catering side of the business where he can use some of his many skills in making the tea, this is one area that he is excelling at!!

Old Habits

The practice of only taking on people from our core industries into the office is an old habit we will never break, it is the one that gives us the edge over our competitors, we are not sales people we are just experts in our industries.

Full Circle Employment Agency continues to grow and expand, so much so that there will be another addition to the Full Circle Care team very shortly!!

Again the new consultant will have worked in the care sector for many years; this is yet another source of experience and knowledge of the care sector that is so vital to us in ensuring the service our clients receive is exceptional.

The Value of Relief Chefs

In these turbulent times for the hospitality industry it makes economic sense for proprietors and managers to look to relief chef agencies for their staffing solutions.

There are many reasons for booking a chef from an agency and I list just a few of them below:

Planned holiday cover

Emergency sickness cover

Chef getting tired and demoralised due to working longer hours.

Can’t afford to employ another chef full time due to cost and other liabilities.

Can’t find the right part time employee.

Busy periods coming up and only need chefs for these days.

Special occasions such as a wedding which has to go well.

If a chef is booked just for one day the cost to the client is relatively small compared to the alternatives and staff morale. In fact on an eight hour shift if you pay your current chef £9.50 per hour the extra cost to you could be as low as £33 per day taking into account holiday pay, pension and NI contributions.

It really is worth setting up an account with a reputable agency so that you have access to a chef in a crisis. Imagine the hassle of having your only chef going sick on a busy weekend; having recourse to an agency could alleviate the situation.

Whilst not all agencies have an excellent reputation for the quality of staff, some, like our agency, Full Circle Catering based in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, do take a lot of care in staff selection and put a lot of emphasis on the service they deliver.

Just like there are badly run restaurants there are also well run ones. The same goes for chef agencies; there are good ones and bad ones. Take time to find a good one and the savings in employing full or part time staff could be substantial.

Charity Donations Christmas 2016

Every year instead of sending out Christmas cards we use the money we would have spent on 2 charities.

This year the beneficiaries were Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice in Sheffield and the Alzheimer’s Society.

Bluebell Wood

Bluebell Wood are currently looking after around 250 children with life-shortening or life-threatening conditions along with their families, both in the  Hospice and in the wider community, with many more families now choosing to receive support in their own homes. It costs more than £4 million pounds a year to maintain the services of Bluebell Wood across South Yorkshire and the North Midlands. Only 10% of this funding comes from Government sources with the rest coming from charitable donations.

To view their website go to  or call 01909517360. Don’t forget that any donation however small will make a difference to these children and their families.

Alzheimer’s Society

Everyone knows about dementia and the devastating effect it has on the lives of people who have Alzheimer’s and their carers. Having to care for a person with Alzheimer’s is a physical and emotional struggle and the services of the Alzheimer’s Society truly are a lifeline to these carers. Your support means that as well as providing care the Society can help in researching the cause, cure and care of this devastating condition.

If you would like to donate or gather more information about other ways to get involved please call them on 03303330804.




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