British Summer Time Begins

So British Summer Time Begins.

It’s all about the money, £485m to be precise. That’s how much a recent report from Cambridge University claimed could be saved by not going pushing the clocks back in Autumn and keeping on British Summer Time.

The saving comes from the fact that, between October and March, for a large part of the time it gets light in the mornings when everyone is asleep whereas everybody is up and about in the early evening.

The British did actually abandon British Summer Time in 1968 until 1971 in an experiment confusingly titled ‘British Standard Time’. It was decided that while there were both pros and cons of getting rid of British Summer Time the ultimate decision was to made to revert back.

It’s not for everyone. In fact, Daylight Saving changes are only used in about a quarter of the world’s countries. If you’re near the equator then there’s just no need as things don’t really change too much when it comes to daylight hours. In the US, it’s used everywhere apart from Arizona and Hawaii who decided against it. Fair enough.

For the time being at least, British Summer Time isn’t going anywhere. So enjoy the extra hour in bed and think about how great it is to be on Greenwich Mean Time again.

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