Happy Easter Everyone.

A few facts about Easter.

  • You will be guaranteed to get stuck in traffic.
  • Easter is usually celebrated on the first Sunday after the full moon, after the spring equinox.
  • But Easter is that most confusing of dates – one that is never fixed and changes according to the lunar calendar.
  • Your Children will have far to much Chocolate.
  • Chocolate Easter eggs became popular because Easter is the end of the Lenten fast.
  • Blame the Germans for the Easter bunny. Originally an ‘Easter hare’, a buck-toothed bringer of chocolate to the kids that have behaved themselves was first mentioned in German literature in 1682.
  • Hot cross buns are also a traditional snack for this time of year. Eaten on Good Friday, they mark the end of Lent. The cross on the top represents the crucifixion of Christ and the spices inside remind Christians of the spices put on his body.
  • Easter Eggs

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