Happy Retirement Colin

Happy Retirement Colin.

Well it’s 16 years ago that the one and only Colin set up his wonderful business with Nadja. Today is the day that he hangs up his keyboard and mouse for the very last time. Well where do we start with Colin! There is never a dull moment when working with him. For anybody that has ever meet him or worked with / for him then you will never ever meet a more genuine person. Whether it’s his stories from his childhood, the trouble he got into with Bryan (his brother) or his latest Magically Mystery Tour when out on his motorbike (Thank goodness he’s stopped videoing the trips ! ! ). If you ever got into a conversation with him about Politics or MotorGp then you would simply be on it for hours. So THANK YOU Colin for bringing so much fun & laughter to our office and the place will not be the same without you. You are leaving a large hole not just in the office but our hearts.  Have fun in your retirement. Work Photos 235Work Photos 232Work Photos 230Work Photos 229TTJune08 133TTJune08 032photojoe 349joe 351joe 009joe 002IMG_8856IMG_8852Colin Thornton

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