Relief Agency Chefs Wanted

How to Register

Registration Details for Relief Chefs – Local Chefs – Live in Chefs

How to Register

To register with Full Circle Catering Relief Chef Service we initially require your CV. Your CV needs to have your full postal address and a contact telephone number on it.

Please email your CV to [email protected] or [email protected] or [email protected] or post to the address shown on the ‘Contact Us‘ page.

Once we have your CV we will e-mail you our Registration documents which you can print off and return to us at the office. Please ensure you put the correct postage on the envelope or it could delay the pack reaching us. Alternatively you will find a pack on this website you can download and post to us.

Prior to sending your CV, if you wish to discuss your situation and find out more about the role of a Relief Chef please call 01623 404311

Once we have received your pack and obtained satisfactory references we will be able to register you and put you out on assignment.

Pay Rates

This does vary dependent on the booking and level of chef required by the client. The pay rate is quoted to you per booking.

With regard to payment for travel our local area is the East Midlands extending to Staffordshire, South Yorkshire, Lincolnshire and North Lincolnshire and travel costs are not usually paid for these areas. However in certain situations discretionary travel may be paid but this is the exception rather than the rule.

For Live-in chefs travel may be paid dependent on location and distance from you but this will be discussed at the time of booking. For Live-in chefs we stipulate a minimum of 40 hours for a full week and single accommodation.

Working With Full Circle Catering

We are always looking for Executive Chefs, Head Chefs, Sous Chefs, Chef de Parties, Industrial Chefs, Nursing Home Cooks, Chefs for Garden Centres, Schools and Colleges, Cafes, Retirement Homes and any other food outlet you can think of.

Whatever kind of chef you are you will need to be adaptable, flexible and have the correct attitude to be a succesful agency chef. As well as having all the neccessary culinary skills the ability to think on your feet is crucial.

When on assignment for Full Circle Catering your minimum guaranteed hours on a straight shift is 6 hours and on a split shift it is 8 hours for example 4+4 or 3+5. Of course if you ask to go early this rule will not apply.

It is your responsibility to get a timesheet signed off and returned to the office for payment. Wages are paid weekly by us into your bank account. You never ask the client for money or payment on any occasion. Any problems you encounter whilst on assignment must be reported to us immediately and we will contact the client on your behalf.

Full Circle Catering has a reputation for providing exceptional chefs to clients at all levels of our industry and we are justly proud of that reputation. This is only made possible by the standard of chefs we supply and that is why only the best chefs make it onto our books and we are extremely proud of all of them.

To contact us please call 01623 404311.

If you are registered with Full Circle Catering and need to contact us out of office hours in emergencies only please call 077 345 33803.