Melvyn Retires……..

This month we say ‘Goodbye and Thank You!’ to Melvyn Hill as after 10 years of working with us as a Kitchen Assistant he has hung up his apron and retired.  Melvyn joined us in May 2008 and  has worked for Full Circle for the past decade on a full time basis. He has worked in many, many kitchens during his time.  We wish Melvyn a very happy retirement and want to take the opportunity to thank him for his dedication to Full Circle Catering.  Melvyn always helped when he could filling shifts at last minute or working over the original time booked, he always worked hard and was 100% reliable.  We wish him lots of happiness for the future!  As Melvyn is a keen writer we thought it appropriate on his retirement to post one of his ‘foody’ poems.

Pie, Peas & Chips – by Melvyn Hill

Pie Peas and Chips,

From those far off days

Puckering the lips

In different ways

We had hollow legs

And hungry bellies

We scooped up the dregs

of the Aspic Jelly.

Chips fried in lard

Real pastry pies.

Never too hard

A feast for the eyes.

Soda soaked peas

Old fashioned way.

Just how the eye sees

From back in the day

Evoke memories of mother,

Her love served as food.

A taste like no other

Melancholy mood.

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