National Coffee Week

This week starts National Coffee Week.

But did you know these interesting facts about Coffee ?

  • It takes as little as 10 minutes for the caffeine in coffee to have an effect. After 45 minutes, caffeine reaches maximum concentration, making you most alert.
  • Coffee is the second most popular beverage in the world – it’s second only to water.
  • Caffeine improves your performance when working out by increasing adrenaline levels, and releasing fatty acids.
  • In the UK, we drink approximately 55 million cups of coffee per day.The main suppliers of coffee in the world are Brazil, Colombia and Vietnam, with Brazil contributing around 30% of the total.
  • It takes 42 coffee beans to make an espresso.
  • 80% of UK households buy instant coffee for in-home consumption, particularly those aged 65 and older.
  • Coffee grows in more than 50 countries and is the second largest export in the world after oil.Generally, coffee is grown within 1,000 miles of the equator, from the Tropic of Cancer in the north, to the Tropic of Capricorn in the south.
  • But most importantly I like it white with one sugar.


One Comment on “National Coffee Week

  1. I like it with a shot of whisky and floaty cream on top. Cheers

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