National World Egg Week ( 8th – 14th October 2018)

National Egg week (8th -14th October)

The idea behind The National Egg week was raising awareness across the world, of the important place eggs have in human nutrition. Many countries now participate in World Egg Week, hosting a huge variety of events and activities. Including, distributing free eggs; promotional and educational broadcasts across social media; school fun days; and cooking demonstrations and competitions. The egg is an incredibly versatile ingredient, for both sweet and savoury dishes. From the humble boiled egg to the master chef’s soufflé, the egg has a vital place as an ingredient in many recipes. There is no country in the world that doesn’t make extensive use of the egg in its’ traditional cuisine. Not only do eggs taste good, they do you good too. Eggs are a source of low calorie, high-quality protein. Besides the protein eggs also contain vitamins B and D, and a good proportion of minerals that are important to health. They even come in a biodegradable protective container. Besides the positive nutritional benefits you gain from eating eggs, they are relatively inexpensive.

So what is your favourite egg dish ?

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