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 Jobs Fair.

Are you looking for a new role within the Catering & Hospitality Sector ?

If so why not pop down and see us on Friday 20th April at Wallace Barracks, Chesterfield, S40 2NH.

Full Circle have a reputation for providing excellent chefs to the industry. Our client base is wide and varied it ranges from Care homes, Industrial units, Restaurants, Cafes, Football grounds, Motor racing events and Hotels. In fact anywhere that serves food we supply chefs to them.

So if you fancy a chat with us to see what we are all about the doors are open from 11am until 2pm.

We need you

So British Summer Time Begins.

It’s all about the money, £485m to be precise. That’s how much a recent report from Cambridge University claimed could be saved by not going pushing the clocks back in Autumn and keeping on British Summer Time.

The saving comes from the fact that, between October and March, for a large part of the time it gets light in the mornings when everyone is asleep whereas everybody is up and about in the early evening.

The British did actually abandon British Summer Time in 1968 until 1971 in an experiment confusingly titled ‘British Standard Time’. It was decided that while there were both pros and cons of getting rid of British Summer Time the ultimate decision was to made to revert back.

It’s not for everyone. In fact, Daylight Saving changes are only used in about a quarter of the world’s countries. If you’re near the equator then there’s just no need as things don’t really change too much when it comes to daylight hours. In the US, it’s used everywhere apart from Arizona and Hawaii who decided against it. Fair enough.

For the time being at least, British Summer Time isn’t going anywhere. So enjoy the extra hour in bed and think about how great it is to be on Greenwich Mean Time again.

Summer Time

Clocks go Forward This Sunday.

Each year, in the wee hours of a Sunday morning in March, 60 minutes vanish from the clock and the time reappears each year in November! No, it’s not a magic trick — it’s Daylight Saving Time!

Daylight Saving Time (or “Summer Time,” as it’s known in many parts of the world) was created to make better use of the long sunlight hours of the summer. By “springing” clocks forward an hour in March, we move an hour of daylight from the morning to the evening. On the first Sunday in November, we “fall back” and rewind our clocks to return to Standard Time.

But where did Daylight Saving Time come from? And how is it useful?

The idea was first suggested in an essay by Benjamin Franklin in 1784, and later proposed to British Parliament by Englishman William Willett 1907. However, it did not become a standard practice in the United States until 1966. Daylight Saving Time was originally instituted in the United States during World War I and World War II in order to take advantage of longer daylight hours and save energy for the war production.

In the years after World War II, individual states and communities decided whether they wanted to continue observing Daylight Saving Time and when to do so. This meant some cities were an hour behind others even though they were only separated by a few miles on a map.Clocks going forward

Relief Nurses, Relief Carers, Relief Chefs, Relief Catering Assistants and Dedication

Despite the terrible weather the vast majority of our relief teams made it to work against all the odds. One of our relief nurses, realising the roads to her assignment were impassable, walked 4 miles to get to the nursing home she was booked into. This is remarkable dedication by any standards and stories like this shows why we at Full Circle are justly very proud of our relief staff. There were many other episodes of staff getting to work against the odds from the catering and care relief teams.

Dedication like this just goes to show what a fantastic team of relief staff we have.

Thank you to all of you.

Relief Nurses

Football Match update!

Well done to Craig and Russ  ‘Frenbot’ for organising a wonderful event and raising lots of money for charity…. the final figures are yet to come in so we will keep you posted.  The day was fantastic, the sun shined and the atmosphere was overwhelming, it really didn’t matter it was cold.    The chaps played a good game of football with the final score finishing on 3-2 to the opposition ‘Sack of Spuds’, the 3rd goal was scored in the 88th minute.  Well done to everyone who played you made it a really exciting match.  A massive thank you to all the companies and individuals that supported Craig and Russ in making the day such a success, it really was a great event that enthused with community spirit! A few pictures from the day:

bandReteshRussCraig2BenAction shotRuss & Craig


Football Match Weekend                          Image result for football

After many weeks of planning the Charity Football match ‘Frenbot’ that Craig & Russ have organised is finally upon us! All of us at the office are looking forward to the big game this Sunday.  Kick off is at 2pm at Forest Town Arena….. if you don’t have your ticket yet, don’t panic you can purchase one on the day! Make sure you wrap up warm as the weather is forecast bright and sunny but very chilly!  The chaps have organised a massive raffle and auction…. there are some excellent prizes up for grabs and all proceeds will go to the National Autistic Society.

Hope to see you there but if you don’t make it on the day watch this space to find out who was crowned champions!

Flowers for Viki

Flowers for Vicky

We have always thought that our chef, Viki Bryant, has been very special. Now it appears that one of our clients thinks the same. Viki has just completed a booking she has been in since November at a school in Derby. To show their appreciation for all the hard work and lovely meals that Viki has provided they bought her this beautiful bouquet of flowers. Well done Viki!! you deserve them. Viki is one of most requested chefs and we are justly proud she is on our books. Thank you for all the hard work you have put in for Full Circle over the years, you are a star.

The General Data Protection Regulations

general data protection regulations

The General Data Protection Regulations ………… many times have I typed that recently………..become law in May 2018.

Now I don’t know about other businesses involved with recruitment but after lots of reading and research I have discovered it is not as bad to implement as most people would have you believe. I am sure we have all heard the scaremongering which seems to appear before any new legislation but when you get into it you soon realise it is just common sense and making sure all your procedures are in place.

Now I am not saying it has been simple or that it hasn’t made me think until my brain hurts, having said that as soon as I fully understood what was needed I simply started at the beginning with my candidate policy then moved on from there.

The best thing was getting the bones of the policy down on paper then the whole thing became tangible. The sense of achievement at just getting this done was immense and now we have carried on putting the flesh on it.

So the policy is virtually finished, all we need to keep checking on is the ICO website to check for any new updates so we can amend the policy as and when.

After this we moved onto our systems and how we store information. This led to a very cathartic housekeeping exercise that saw lots of old information being shredded and all our files had been cleaned. All new information are stored in the same format so we have uniformity across the business. Next up was IT. We worked with our IT techies and put lots more layers of security onto our digital files.

Our data breach reporting policy is in place and everyone in the office has been trained on them.

All in all we have done all we can to keep personal data safe.

There is no doubt it was time consuming, but it was also satisfying in a way. Would I like to do this again…..absolutely not!!!!!!!!!


Below is another lovely letter we received from S.H.E.U.K. If you can help this wonderful charity with a donation, no matter how small, it would help them greatly to carry on their wonderful work.

I think it is worth noting that neither of the charities below receive any funding so you really can make a difference to the lives of those in need.



Below is a lovely letter we received from Hetty’s. If you can help this wonderful charity in anyway it would be greatly appreciated by them.



It amazed me that a lot of people went into 2018 nursing massive hangovers. This year in particular it seemed to me that Christmas paled into insignificance compared to the drunken melee that was New Years Eve. Nearly everyone I encountered on New Years Day were nursing hangovers. Some were in a bad way having celebrated until the small hours of January 1st.

This year I was stone cold sober, the curse of a dose of man flu over Christmas and New Year meant I was not well enough to join in. My abstinence was beyond my control, my sobriety was caused by a small microscopic virus that wiped out all intentions I had of joining in the fray.

At least my friends were concerned for me. They would call me to ask how I was and wondered, if I was feeling up to it, could I drive them to various parties!!! I also had the New Year Day collections picking up people with hangovers from various locations where they had finally collapsed.

The irony of this came home to me whilst moving these people around. I was feeling sick through no fault of my own….my passengers had PAID to get sick. It was not only sickness they had but also lots of amnesia.

Without exception they had all made a resolution that they would not drink any alcohol at all in January.

The fact that this resolution had already been broken seemed to be lost on them.

Happy New Year.


Stand Out From The Crowd

Recently one of regular valued clients said she will only use Full Circle because we stand out from the crowd. Comments like this mean a great deal to all of us in the office. It reflects on the consultants in the office, a down to earth bunch of knowledgeable individuals who have all worked in the industries they supply staff to. This insight also helps when offering advice to  companies using our Full Circle Jobs website. I think I have emphasised this once or twice before in previous posts! We are not sales people, we have a genuine interest in helping our clients whenever we can. When things go wrong we always try to find a solution. We know from personal experience working in these industries just what can happen when things go bad. This alone is one powerful reason why we care about our clients.

On the relief side of things we can only thank our wonderful team of temporary staff who work for us year in year out providing our clients with a wonderful service. You really do stand out from the crowd.

The good news for anyone looking for a relief chef, nurse or healthcare assistant over the Christmas period is that at the moment we do have availability, so book now!!!!

Merry Christmas everyone.

Snow, Snow, Thick, Thick, Snow

 Snow, Snow, Thick, Thick, Snow

Sunday afternoon at the dance school and the dance teacher comments on the weather by saying snow, snow, thick, thick, snow. He even comments on the weather in time!!

What are the odds on having a white Christmas? Imagine the chaos that would cause in the Healthcare and Hospitality Sectors. This could affect the chefs and cooks, the nurses and carers, the customers going for a Christmas meal out, the families of loved ones in the care homes on this special day not being able to visit.

So lets hope it isn’t a white Christmas at Christmas. Lets hope everyone is able to get to work and the families get to visit their loved ones and the Christmas diners have their Christmas dinners.

Lets hope that Christmas can really bring peace on earth and goodwill to all men.

If you are envisaging problems with your Christmas staffing levels call Full Circle Catering and Full Circle Care for agency nurses, carers, chefs, cooks and kitchen assistants. If we can help we will.

Just like our dance instructor, make sure you keep your rhythm going in your establishment this Christmas, if your staff miss a beat, call us, if we can we will help to put the rhythm back into your business!!!!!!

The X Factor

The X Factor didn’t seem to go on as long this year did it? Depending on your taste in music you are either disappointed with the result or, like me, very happy. Rak-Su are a very talented group, they wrote their own music throughout as did Grace, a very worthy runner up. Apart from the music though the thing that came across to me was just how polite and humble the finalists were. Lets hope they remain grounded in their future careers. They were a credit to their much maligned generation.

Now it could be said that the consultants at Full Circle also have the X Factor, they are all polite, helpful, knowledgeable and professional. Whichever department you call you are going to find the same exceptional service whoever you speak to.

If you need to place a permanent job you will receive the same service, if you need to book a relief carer or nurse you will receive the same service, if you need to book a relief chef or catering assistant you will receive the same service. It is this commitment to our clients that keeps our valued customers coming back year on year. Thank you to you all.

X Factor

Merry Christmas!!

Cyber Monday what is this all about?

Cyber Monday

Being a gentleman of advancing years I do find some of these new fangled names for days in the festive season somewhat baffling, I mean today is Cyber Monday.  Where did these names come from? Which marketing man came up with the idea of turning normal shopping days into a frenzy of epic proportions amongst normally well behaved individuals?

Black Friday…why black? Cyber Monday….why Cyber? They don’t have the same ring about them as Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day.

Christmas usually means peace and goodwill to all mankind but the scenes I witnessed on Black Friday showed that this message did not seem to be getting across to some of the general public.

In this crazy world Full Circle Jobs, Full Circle Catering and Full Circle Nursing and Care Agency offer an oasis of calm in an otherwise chaotic world.

If you need any relief staff please contact the relevant division; either Catering or Care.

To place a free job advert please do so on Full Circle Jobs. It is self explanatory and very easy to do.

Open an account today with Full Circle and it will be active tomorrow, or Happy Tuesday as it will known from now on.

If anyone is reading this and knows how these particular days obtained their names please let me know. The first person/company to respond will get an honourable mention on our 3 websites and our Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Earn Extra Cash For Christmas

Earn Extra Cash For Christmas

Christmas is coming and your bills are getting fat, so earn extra cash for Christmas with Full Circle Catering Relief Chef Service.

If you are a chef or general assistant and you need to boost your finances sign up with Full Circle now. We have clients waiting for experienced chefs coming up to Christmas.

The sooner you sign up the more work you will get so apply now! It is easy to register, either send a up to date CV via e-mail to [email protected] or download the registration document which you will find on this site, complete it and return and we will get you out to work as soon as possible. We have excellent pay rates whether you are on PAYE or have your own Ltd company.

If you want further information please call the office on 01623 404311.

Funniest Accident Book Entry!!

Below is an actual entry in our accident book, now we all know health and safety at work is a serious business and the importance of working safely cannot be emphasised enough…. however this entry made everyone of us laugh out loud.

The staff member will remain anonymous, but we will never let them forget it!!


Funniest Accident Book Entry!!

Good Luck Mark….And Thank You

Good Luck Mark....And Thank You

We would like to thank Mark, one of our long standing clients, for posting this on our Facebook page.

Mark is moving on to pastures new and wish him the best of luck in his new role. It is always good to receive testimonials like this and we do appreciate our clients taking the time to let us know how Full Circle Catering are performing.

This testimonial is especially appreciated because we have been supplying for so long…….also it is nice that he took the time to thank all of us in the office.

Once again, thanks Mark and the best of luck in the future.

Aston Leaves Strictly!!

Imagine the shock in the Full Circle Office this morning, Aston Leaves Strictly!! and Everton won a game of football this weekend!!

So on one hand we have Everton supporter Russ having something to smile about and others being sad about Aston. Life however has a way of going Full Circle so things can change quickly.

If you are a employer wanting to post a job go Full Circle with Full Circle Jobs. If you need a relief chef go Full Circle with Full Circle Catering. Full Circle Care will provide you with relief nurse or carer.

You will find the contact details for Full Circle Care Agency and Full Circle Catering at the bottom of the page. For all your staffing needs call any of the Full Circle Divisions now.

Full Circle will try and solve your staffing issues.

Please remember though that we only cover the Healthcare and Hospitality Sectors. Everton will have to recruit their own manager and Aston will go home and await the birth of his child. Everything will be ok and all will be well with the world, until next week when Everton will lose and one of the best dancers will be voted off Strictly again.

Such is life!!!

 News Updates

Fill That Temporary Chef Job Before Christmas.

If you are in the Hospitality sector and have a temporary chef vacancy you need to fill before Christmas you really should be getting in contact with the relief chef team in the office now to get the booking in.

It is well known by now that there is a massive shortage of chefs and cooks throughout the UK, we at Full Circle Catering, just like everyone else, are not immune from this shortage. So please book early so we can find the right chef for your establishment.

Call Full Circle Catering to speak to our very experienced consultants about your booking and tell us what you are looking for. We are all ex chefs in the office with a wealth of experience, so you know you are speaking to experts and not sales people who are just after a sale.

Today on Twitter and Facebook

 From the Full Circle Catering Agency Facebook page today we have the below.
So The Great British Bake Off starts tonight, so what song can you come up with thats baking related !
Our is “I Want To Bake Free ”
Over to guys!
We have also had “Every Bread You Bake”
and “Don’t You Bake My Brown Cobs Blue”
Keep on checking every day for regular updates.

Full Circle Finally Arrive on Social Media

After 15 years in business we have taken the step of opening a Twitter account and a Facebook account. At long last you can either poke us or tweet us!

Find us on Twitter at @FullOcatering and on Facebook it is Full Circle Catering Agency.

Please have a look at Twitter or Facebook, here you will find two very active forums full of useful (and not so useful) facts!!!

If you have any interesting stories about food or any recipes please send them and we will be put them on Facebook alongside your name if you wish.

 The Value of Relief Chefs

In these turbulent times for the hospitality industry it makes economic sense for proprietors and managers to look to relief chef agencies for their staffing solutions.

There are many reasons for booking a chef from an agency and I list just a few of them below:

Planned holiday cover

Emergency sickness cover

Chef getting tired and demoralised due to working longer hours.

Can’t afford to employ another chef full time due to cost and other liabilities.

Can’t find the right part time employee.

Busy periods coming up and only need chefs for these days.

Special occasions such as a wedding which has to go well.

If a chef is booked just for one day the cost to the client is relatively small compared to the alternatives and staff morale. In fact on an eight hour shift if you pay your current chef £9.50 per hour the extra cost to you could be as low as £33 per day taking into account holiday pay, pension and NI contributions.

It really is worth setting up an account with a reputable agency so that you have access to a chef in a crisis. Imagine the hassle of having your only chef going sick on a busy weekend; having recourse to an agency could alleviate the situation.

Whilst not all agencies have an excellent reputation for the quality of staff, some, like our agency, Full Circle Catering based in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, do take a lot of care in staff selection and put a lot of emphasis on the service they deliver.

Just like there are badly run restaurants there are also well run ones. The same goes for chef agencies; there are good ones and bad ones. Take time to find a good one and the savings in employing full or part time staff could be substantial.



Art Property Maintenance Services

For all the jobs you never get around to doing or larger projects.

[email protected]